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Matthews, LaToya » Mrs. Matthews' Introduction

Mrs. Matthews' Introduction

LaToya Matthews
Special Education Assistant

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Latoya Matthews and I have the privilege of being your child’s SPED Teacher Aide for this school year! I am from Dallas Texas.  I am working on my Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education from North Texas University. (Ask me sometime about the interesting history I have with Houston School). I have a wonderful daughter who is the thing that keep me on my toe's everyday.

I am really excited about teaching your child and getting to know them as we build a foundation for being a life-long learner. I plan to help your child become accountable for their own learning and I will strive to provide them with plenty of opportunities to explore and discover learning. Please support me in my endeavor, by encouraging your child to come prepared and ready to learn. Take the time to read to your child every night and assist them with homework assignments and family projects. Encourage your child to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times and teach them the value of respecting themselves and others.
I look forward to us working together to ensure that your child has a successful year in Special Education department and that they are equipped with the necessary tools to develop and grow throughout the rest of their academic career.