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Seventh Grader Christelle Matildo announced as Texas Doodle for Google winner

Lancaster ISD Elsie Robertson Middle School seventh grader Christelle Matildo was announced as the winner to represent the State of Texas in the National Doodle for Google Contest which opens for voting next week.


“I would have to say at this point that my spring break was worth it all,” Matildo said.


Christelle said she basically locked herself in her room over spring break and created her masterpiece which represents many things relating to the contest theme titled “A Hopeful Future.”  One piece in particular that many are talking about is the letters “G” in the drawing.


“I wanted to bring attention to the future of global warming and that is what my first G does,” Matildo said. “The second one represents all of those veterans and others out there with prosthetic arms. I hope to be part of medical advancements in helping these individuals in the future.”


Google representatives were on hand to make the surprise announcement to all the students and staff who flooded the gym with an array of colorful google shirts on.


“I am excited to be here in my home state to make this presentation today,” Molly Beirman, Google Communications Program Manager, said. “I was very impressed with Christelle’s drawing. I had to look back at the age on the application because I couldn’t believe this was drawn by a seventh grader.”


Lancaster ISD is proud of Christelle and continues to offer its scholars more than a diploma.


Winning the National Contest will set a remarkable foundation for Christelle's college fund because Google is awarding the winner with a $30,000 scholarship as well as donating $50,000 to the school for computer lab improvements. Public voting begins June 3rd. Please vote for Christelle's artwork by clicking here.